A Brief History

Never fear, gentle reader, this window into our modus operandi won’t be written in some sad attempt at iambic pentameter or otherwise dotted with ‘doths’ and ‘thines.’ We at The Bard’s Cards have far too much respect for the language of William Shakespeare to ever attempt parody.

The idea for Bard’s Cards came about when we realized that every card-giving occasion necessitated at least ten minutes of standing in the drug store trying to pick from an endless array of imperfect options. All of the cards inevitably say too much or the wrong things. They feature a bad joke about aging or a lengthy poem on the inside that pre-supposes a very specific relationship with one’s father. In the end, half the time it's easier to just buy a card and cross out the interior message all together to replace it with a personal one. If only there were an available source of timeless wisdoms and witticism for every occasion from one of the world's greatest wordsmiths.

And so, The Bard’s Cards was born. Every card includes a carefully chosen quote from one of William Shakespeare’s plays, designed to fit a certain occasion. The inside is blank because we fully believe it doesn’t need to say “Happy Birthday” on the inside to be a birthday card. The inside of the card is your personal manuscript, to pour into it your literary pearls. Or simply to write “Thanks so much!” if you prefer.

The Bard’s Cards are printed on 100%  recycled paper. Just one more way you can feel good about sending a Bard’s Card to anyone you love, like, or just think is okay but who is an important business acquaintance. For your next occasion, remember to say it with Shakespeare.  

Meet the Creative Gang

The minds behind The Bard’s Cards are a married couple, Sam and Susan, with limited creative direction from their cat Dinah. They design, produce, and package cards out of their studio in Austin, Texas. Sam is the artist, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, cartoonist and creator of cute animals extraordinaire, and all around awesome guy. Susan is an editor by day and is excited by the fact that The Bard’s Cards adds yet another layer of validation to her whole “getting a BA in English” thing.